When to Call It Quits on a Job: Recognising the Right Time to Move On

Deciding to leave a job involves balancing the comfort of familiarity against dissatisfaction or lack of growth. Signs to move on include stress, feeling undervalued, and misalignment with personal values. Staying in an unfulfilling job affects health and career growth. Assess your situation, develop a transition plan, and overcome fears to embrace new opportunities.

Easing Back into Work After a Relaxing Holiday: Tips for a Smooth Transition into a Promotion

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Returning to work after a relaxing holiday often presents a unique set of challenges. For many, the end of a holiday can bring about a mix of emotions, ranging from a sense of rejuvenation to a looming apprehension about resuming daily responsibilities. This transition can be particularly daunting when stepping into a new role or a recent promotion. The shift from a leisurely pace to the structured environment of the workplace requires a delicate balance to ensure productivity and mental well-being are maintained.