Maximize Your Online Presence: Free Platforms for Business

2️⃣ Have an Online Presence – you don’t necessarily need a paid website in order to have an online presence. You can create a free Facebook Business Page, Linked In Business Page, Instagram Page, etc

1️⃣ Get Feedback Early – test out the marketability of your idea before you mass produce.

3️⃣ Study Your Online Competition as Closely as Your Customers – study the tactics and strategies of those who are already doing well, and learn what you can from them to grow your business. Also, really understanding your future buyers will be important for profiting in your marketing.

4️⃣ Reverse Engineer Your Online Business Success – work backward to uncover the small steps your will need to take to win. Let’s say you want to earn a million dollars in sales. Start with a million dollars and figure out what it would take, monthly, to earn that much.

5️⃣ If You Can DIY, Do – it’s very beneficial to try to do a lot of the work yourself. Using apps and software programs that help improve efficiency and make complex tasks like accounting simpler to do can free up your time and resources for things like marketing, product development, and content curation.

6️⃣ Hone Your Business Strengths – Your industry could be saturated with businesses who have been doing what you do or selling what you sell. However, only you have the specific expertise that makes your version of your online business unique. Know where your strengths are and double down in those areas.

A good course of actions is to continue to learn while creating your business. In this way, you will always be adding new skills, tweaking small levers and upping your strengths. 💪

Every business starts at square one, so give it time and make purposeful steps towards your goals until you’ve achieved your dreams. 🙌

Marichu Johns

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Shane Bentley.

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